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A sick Wovenwar tank top, their cd, AND I caught While She Sleeps’ pick. Not a bad haul.
Oh, and @nickhipa straight up gave me his pick - awesome chill dude, and talk about stage presence - what a beast!


A Song of Fire and Ice : Game of Thrones was so good, read it in a week now onto the second.  One thing I would criticise is the american-english dialect that sometimes creeps through but I suppose that was inevitable. 

  I loved how subtle, yet effective character development was throughout the novel. For instance, around the middle, there’s this scene where Grand Maester Pycelle offers Ned Stark some milk, “sweetened with honey”. While Pycelle loves the beverage, Ned drinks it out of fear of being rude, even though he’s “trying not to gag on the sweetness of it.” This tells us more about the stern northerner than any drawn-out dialogue could ever have : whereas the southerner Pycelle enjoys the “oversweet” milk, Eddard Stark is put off by excess, whether it’s in food, lust, or otherwise. 

  What I’m trying to say is, it’s a great read.

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